Monday, November 02, 2009

New Carbonmade, Iphone app and some wallpapers!

Well, we've survived the zombie apocalypse, reached the safe room and its back to work. And what a great way to start the day by checking out my new updated carbonmade site. I'd love to hear your thoughts and definitely please let your art director friends know too because I'm looking!

Oh and for you Iphone/ipod touch users, please check out this game app that I did some illustration work for. I did the title screen and the hi-score/ level up screens. Definitely pick up the lite version to see the art and demo the game!

...and don't forget to pick up a wallpaper for the kiddies before you leave. Please let me know if you like them or what other art pieces would be great for wallpapers, I'd love to hear. Have a great day everyone!

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