Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hello and Good Day

Ok here goes, well thanks for hangin' in there with me for all you guys still visiting. Going through some rough times right now, not only did my Ex break up with me but I was laid off my job at 7 Studios a few weeks after which, is a double whammy of first timers. Thank you to all the people out there that are supporting me, I love you guys even if i cant show it sometimes.

Well, I wanted to post some new work from a game I worked on at 7 studios, the game was recently released in DS version in October and Wii version in Decemeber. Its a little different but it was really really fun to work on. Some of it never even made it into the game.

In the meanwhile I send resumes out. I am thinking of accepting art commissions on my Deviantart and Sheezyart pages, I havent decided or figured out my format yet, probably do a few to test the waters. If you are members please take a look see.