Monday, January 09, 2012

Happy 2012 and new art!

     Happy new year to everyone! This year is looking to be very awesome. The new game I'm working on should be announcing pretty soon, I'll let you know when it does because i'm excited about it myself.
     Lets start off with a painting I worked on last month. Yep I did art during the holiday! This was really fun to do. I've had this idea in my sketchbook for a long time coming about my Project Henshin series. Yes I know it's very Marko Djurdjević inspired. Big fan of his work. This was certainly challenging and ambitious and I ran into few snags and frustrations but kept at it and learned a bit about composition, lighting, edging and what does and doesn't work well for print media.
    Next up, I think I'm gonna try the Pulp Art challenge over at ArtOrder blog. I'm really excited about that one. Till next time friends!