Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Holidays and yearly roundup art

     Hello again and happy holidays everyone! Some of you guys may have received this postcard but for the rest of you guys here you go. If you follow WotC Art Director Jon Schindehette's twitter or art blog Art Order, He recently posted my postcard and was inspired to put up a holiday art challenge for his readers. Awesome Jon, glad you liked the card. I had fun making it! 

     I just finished up an art test with a company so wish me luck with that. In the meanwhile, i found some unfinished images from 2010 that I most definitely will get back to finishing since I have all this unemployed free time. Project Henshin may return in full force since I'll be needing new portfolio pieces. Oh and there's an environment concept I did for another art test way back in spring, which I didn't get but here it is anyways.

     And last but surely not least, Txt Fighter, an iphone/ipod/ipad project I worked on with Jason Hazelroth and a bunch of other talented guys is coming out this week. Please check it out. I did the background environment art.