Monday, August 10, 2009

Update of sorts

Hey everyone, just updating the artblog with some Project Henshin stuff and random sketches. I'm working on an ashcan saddle stitched sketchbook for a local comic convention coming up this fall. Also thinking about doing character sketches at the con of whatever characters, superheroes, anime or even your personal mmo characters. Anything's cool. Also thinking of selling prints as well but I'm not sure which images to sell. Any recommendations are from you all are appreciated.

Oh and yes, its my rendition of the gold ranger gasp not gold ranger. My homage to my favorite design from back in the day. I had a fanboy jump on my ass for calling something power ranger like but not looking like a cardboard box robot. So, its a thin line to say ranger i guess, transforming-superhero-mechanical-suit-people! My version he isn't a hero either...yet. So go figure.