Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Hey everyone. Just a quick update. I'm about to start my 4 day weekend but I thought I'd share some images from my desk at work and the things i engulf myself in daily. I recently picked up this badass artbook on Gil Elvgren the pin-up artist. That's his book in the corner of the photo. I also started collecting these little anime figures. No idea what its from, probably something i don't want know but I think they look pretty bad ass.

As for art, this is my latest. I had a really old sketch I did for a possible character design during the early pre-pro phase of the game h'm working on. Apparently the style wasn't suitable so I just kept it on my cork board for almost a half a year. I decided to paint it up last week.

Also, the day after Thanksgiving i think that ImagineFX magazine issue 24 comes out in the States if you are interested. Me and my Concept Director Miguel Lleras will be in the DVD gallery.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Garo Artbooks have arrived!

Just received my package of Garo art/design books straight from Japan. Man this stuff is nuts! One book details the characters armor designs and production sketches. The other deals with the Equip and Prop figures thats are insanely expensive and hard to find. It shows closeups of the toys and detail put into the figures. Also they have a guest artist that does "kit-bashing" and he creates these little scenes from the show but its incredibly detailed and amazing. I'm pretty happy to get these books!

Friday, November 02, 2007

ImagineFX DVD

Hey guys, just wanted to post this up. It's a few screen shots of the DVD that comes with ImagineFX magazine issue 24. The one that Miguel and I are in. They've seem to have butchered my descriptions but that's cool I guess. I've got a bunch of paintings that I've been working on but never had time to finish, perhaps this weekend I will do just that.

PS- Thanks to Doug for letting check out his copy of the magazine. Subscribers get it once its available where bookstores will get it 2 months after the UK release. So thanks!