Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Hey everyone. Just a quick update. I'm about to start my 4 day weekend but I thought I'd share some images from my desk at work and the things i engulf myself in daily. I recently picked up this badass artbook on Gil Elvgren the pin-up artist. That's his book in the corner of the photo. I also started collecting these little anime figures. No idea what its from, probably something i don't want know but I think they look pretty bad ass.

As for art, this is my latest. I had a really old sketch I did for a possible character design during the early pre-pro phase of the game h'm working on. Apparently the style wasn't suitable so I just kept it on my cork board for almost a half a year. I decided to paint it up last week.

Also, the day after Thanksgiving i think that ImagineFX magazine issue 24 comes out in the States if you are interested. Me and my Concept Director Miguel Lleras will be in the DVD gallery.
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