Sunday, November 18, 2012

Epic Mickey 2 is released!

     Hey everyone! Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving week. Disney Epic Mickey 2 is finally out in stores and I thought I'd show some work I did back in 2011. Also, please do pick up the Collectors Edition Hardcover strategy guide from Prima. It is essentially the concept teams artbook, it has so much of our art in it. From full illustrations and paintovers to map designs and UI elements/icons the team produced, it's really an amazing printed collection. Congrats to the concept team, Adam Fenton, Jordan Lamarre Wan, Shawn Melchor, Chad Townsend, Scott McSorely, Danny Moll, David Hassell and Ruolin Li. As well as the entire Junction Point team (current and past), great job everyone!


Here's some props and actual production linework used by designers and environment artist to build these levels aka not the pretty stuff you see all the time on CGhub...