Friday, May 08, 2009

How many are there? Lets kill em all!

There always seems to be a plentiful amount of cronies or goons to fight in tokusatsu sentai shows for sure. My concept would be zombie astronauts and civilians, or rather bits and pieces put together after the alien invasion. I wanted something scary and leathal to civilians but fun for the rangers to battle and not exert too much effort, they are of course just mindless zombies. They also extend their apendages like Mr. Fantastic somewhat and almost turn into a massive wave of darkness at some points of the story flooding the rangers in epic battleness. Also, i could help but make murloc sounds while working on them lol. The big boy up there is more of a tank version patroling down the streets reigning terror and processing up more bodies for assimilation. And I reworked the hangar bay shaft scene to show the goons infiltrating it.
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