Monday, April 20, 2009

Project Henshin has begun!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to post these pieces up from my Darker tokusatsu project. I wanted to start with something that sets the tone of what i wanted. Imran helped me out with bringing that feeling or emotion home right off the bat so I did a painting setting the mood and where the story begins. The soldiers of the future failing and dying, their leader the valiant Henshin Red-01 stands alone with his comrades dead who knows where battling other evil forces, armor broken and unarmed from his mono-fiber plasma katana. Perhaps facing his final enemy with no backup and energy running low in his Plasma Polymer Alloy power suit. This is the tone, dark and death, but there's hope. This is the end of those poor soldiers but it marks a new beginning where new heroes will appear but the world has changed blah blah blah, have i got ya?

Ok sorry, that was just me thinking outloud lol. Well, you get where I'm going and hopefully you enjoy it because I certainly enjoyed thinking and creating more content for this project. Most of those sketches are work in progress.
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