Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Project Henshin: Bio-EX 06

Some more samples I was working on this week. Part of my personal project for a more serious and darker tokusatsu style franchise. Very much inspired by designs from Keita Amemiya. This one is a bit video-gamey with the "weak spots", I'm playing a bit too much RE5 and Dead Space maybe lol. But yeah, it would be a boss character for the good guys to battle. Designs for the good guys are still to come, the suits designs are very important for the project and I'm going through a lot of itterations (dare i say...variations). Environments and Suit designs are on the list though so, more to come!

Also, apologies to all the comment posters in old posts, I never got any notifications that there were comments. Especially on the Garo artbooks.
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