Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jordu Schell class recap: Mask molds and Maquette update

Hey everyone, just posting some pics from my adventures into sculpting. Jordu's 5 week class ended this week but it gave me a great insight into the world of 3d and sculpting. That weekend we poured latex into our molds and the next day pulled them out. That whole night felt like Christmas eve lol, excited for sure. The mask came out OK, the latex seemed to pick up some of the plaster dust and there's some retouching to be done with air bubbles but I'll need to pick up a dremel tool to smooth out imperfections and eventually I'd be awesome if i could pick up some airbrush or PAX paint to give my mask some life. But my current budget and situation says different. One day.

As for my maquette last week we started our armatures and began adding super sculpey to them. At first using sculpey was a bit rough, lots of finger prints. But as the week went by it started shaping up. Even though class is over i'm still working it and hopefully be able to bake it when im done. No pics of the current version but I've started to add skin wrinkles and textures. Probably need to find some finer detail tools for the head but so far I'm feeling very good about it than a week ago. Confidence in sculpey medium definitely up. More to come...

Eh, maybe I'll stick with 2D :-p
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