Sunday, October 14, 2007

Keita Amemiya is awesome!

I know its pretty late, around 3:30 am. But I was traversing the interweb and discovered the name of the guy i pretty much owe my teenage/adulthood to in terms of artistic inspiration.

Keita Amemiya was unknown to me but his work has etched itself in my artistic backlog since I've seen Kamen Rider and Zyu Rangers (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in U.S.) He was the primary Director/art director on those shows. Later he would become the Character Designer on one of my favorite game series of all time Onimusha. Working on Onimusha 2, 3, and Dawn of Sorrows. Now his latest and greatest is a show instantly got hooked on and now i know why. Garo is perhaps one of the best Japanese Tokusatsu (Japanese live action special effects shows) that I have seen and the quality in his character/monster designs are top notch.

Here's some of his work in art/toy form from a Garo artbook, which i plan on getting once I save enough money.

I would love to one day be as prolithic as this character designer from Japan.
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